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If you are interested in partnering with us to continue developing the main branch of PHOBOS contact us through our social media channels on Facebook or Twitter. We aim to create a global network of devs and researchers interested in fostering knowledge creation.

code forking

You can fork PHOBOS´source code as much as you would like. We ask you to share with us any modifications or forks you make to the source code.

This will help us maintain a better FREE build for users and institutions with no coding knowledge.


If you are using PHOBOS to produce knowledge in the form of research papers or publications, you must cite/credit PsyTech LLC, PsicoTech SA and its team members.

license agreement

PHOBOS and its source code are provided to you at no cost. You are permitted to modify and share the code and builds you produce as long as its use is only intended for mental health and/or research purposes.

You are not allowed to sell or monetize PHOBOS in any way.


The Open Source Code is intended for teams that require flexibility to set up their experiments. Unity 5 and programming knowledge is required to modify and compile the source code. Some scenes, features and functionality present on PHOBOS builds had to be removed from the source code to comply with Open Source standards and licensing.

The beta builds are perfect for teachers and students that need a hassle free VR experience. No coding knowledge needed. Just download and launch PHOBOS.



  • Modify at Will
  • Use at Will
  • Ideal for Research Teams
  • Some scenes and features and commercial assets are disabled on PHOBOS Open Source
  • License Limitations: can only be used for health, research and/or educational purposes


SELF CONTAINED APP for oculus rift

  • For Oculus Rift
  • Free beta demo
  • Use at Will
  • Ideal for Education



  • For HTC VIVE
  • Free beta demo
  • Use at Will
  • Ideal for Education

Frequently asked questions

Can anyone use the app?

Our end users are Mental Health professionals, researchers, students and educators.

If PHOBOS is to be used as a clinical treatment tool, we strongly discourage the usage as a self-treatment tool.  

How much is your app?

PHOBOS and its source code are completely FREE of charge. You can download, use and modify the software freely as long as you abide to our License Agreement (that the software can only be used for research, education or mental health purposes). 

What if I need a feature or scene not present in PHOBOS?

You can either do 2 things. 
Firstly, you can reach out to a member of our development community and ask him/her to partner with your research team and create the ad-hoc features.

Or you can reach out to us and our in house dev team will develop said feature or scene for a fee.

Are you hiring?

Not exactly. Down the line we expect to be cash-flow positive but not for the time being. What we want to do short term is build a multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary community willing to take ownership of PHOBOS and build up its feature set, user interface and science output.

If you would like to give a hand to the world's scientific and healthcare community, we'd be thrilled to count you in.

How did the idea come about?

Our vision for Virtual Reality software that could help millions of people around the world and enable science has always been a vision of collaboration, rather than profit. That is why we decided to make PHOBOS free. VR hardware is already expensive enough to create an entry barrier to this incredible technology. The least that we can do to facilitate our vision, is to make PHOBOS "not a part" of that barrier.

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